Characters/Tsubasa Tsukioka

Tsubasa Tsukioka
Personal Information
Surname Name Tsukioka Tsubasa
Birthday (Age) January 12th (n/a)
Type of Character Side
Additional Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Red
Height 5′ 8′′ (174 cm)
  • Advisor for Tsukioka family
  • Manager of hospitality sectors
  • Walking along rock gardens
  • Tsukioka family
  • Nature
  • History
Dislike(s) unknown
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance
Notes unknown

Tsubasa Tsukioka is part of the Side Cast of in Lessons In Love. She's the wife of Tomonori Tsukioka, making her a part of the richest family in Kumon-mi. She has two daughters, Touka Tsukioka and Tsukasa Tsukioka.


Tsubasa grew up as a part of another extremely wealthy family. As a result, she rarely spent time enjoying her youth and instead primarily focused on learning to be a "proper lady". She still managed to make some experiences in the outside world since she "sneaked out" a few times and had some friends in her youth. When she became of age, she was arranged to marry the son of the very influential Tsukioka family, Tomonori Tsukioka, and the two were quickly wed. Taking charge of her new position, she began to assume the day-to-day managerial duties of the Tsukioka estate's various businesses. She eventually gave birth to her daughters, Touka and Tsukasa.


Fitting with her refined upbringing, Tsubasa is a calm, reserved, and polite woman. She's level-headed in most situations she's in, effortlessly gliding through even the most awkward of conversations. She's very intelligent, able to manage various facilities in the Tsukioka estate, served as a teacher to Touka whenever the need arose, and can easily see past Sensei's true intentions. She's also exceptionally kind, offering to be Chika's confidant mere minutes after meeting each other.

While she usually presents herself as a refined woman, she’s shown to be a cunning individual who's ready to use questionable or unorthodox methods. Being in charge of large portions of the Tsukioka estate, as well as having years of life experience, Tsubasa understands how to deal with the seedy or unsightly sides of life. Her decision behind enrolling Touka in Sensei's class, despite knowing of the situation between him and Chika, was influenced by this philosophy, feeling that "forcing people to do things they're uncomfortable with" is the best way to get them to change and improve.



Sensei is one of Tsubasa's few friends, as her duties in the Tsukioka family often keep her occupied. The two only initially spoke due to their mutual connections of Touka and Chika, but they later bond over Tsubasa recounting the history of the Tsukioka family. Tsubasa has a great deal of respect for Sensei, despite the poor impression he feels she should have, happily entrusting the well-being of both Touka and Chika to him.

While she has no problem with him having a relationship with his students, her knowledge about his situation, her worry about him abusing his position and how this could hurt her daughters still makes her hesitant to fully trust him at first, but Sensei acknowledging that he will end up hurting them and promising to stay with them when it happens is enough for her to keep her faith in him.


Touka is Tsubasa's eldest daughter and, as a result, she loves and cares for her deeply. Since Touka will be the one to inherit the Tsukioka family's fortune, Tsubasa puts a lot of effort into preparing her daughter for the struggles of this position. It was this concern that prompted Tsubasa to transfer Touka into Sensei's class following Kumon-mi Academy's destruction, wanting her daughter to get used to the "commoner" lifestyle.


Tsukasa is Tsubasa's youngest daughter and, due to her age, the two are often together when outside of the Tsukioka Manor. While she loves her daughter dearly, Tsukasa's endless abundance of energy and tendency to act out exhaust her constantly, sometimes to the point of drinking.


Tsubasa met Chika along with Sensei at one of their remote onsen businesses. While they initially only extended pleasantries, Chika confided in her about her relationship with Sensei, with Tsubasa offering to lend an ear if the need ever came up again. The two maintain a strong relationship, with Tsubasa even calling Chika her "surrogate daughter".


Tomonori is Tsubasa's husband. Very little is known about their relationship, as Tomonori is never seen. Tsubasa does confess that, while she might love her husband after spending years together, she's never been in love with him due to their marriage being arranged. Despite this, she still seems to respect him for all his hard work as the head of the Tsukioka family, though isn't above tossing petty jabs at him, which is partly due to their lack of intimacy over the years.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Just go back to your room and give the man you love that WAP."
  • "And I’m waiting down here because I’m worried I may kill my youngest daughter tonight."
  • "I’ve known from the beginning that you were the exact opposite of what Touka needs. And I think that’s exactly what makes her need you the most."