Main Cast


Lessons in Love primarily revolves around the Main Cast.


The original main cast consists of 10 characters beside Sensei Icon.png Sensei: Ami Icon.png Ami Arakawa, Ayane Icon.png Ayane Amamiya, Chika Icon.png Chika Chosokabe, Futaba Icon.png Futaba Fukuyama, Makoto Icon.png Makoto Miyamura, Maya Icon.png Maya Makinami, Miku Icon.png Miku Maruyama, Rin Icon.png Rin Rokuhara, Sana Icon.png Sana Sakakibara and Yumi Icon.png Yumi Yamaguchi.

The patron release of Version 0.7.0 on September 1st of 2020 added two new Main Cast characters, Molly Icon.png Molly MacCormack and Tsuneyo Icon.png Tsuneyo Tojo. They marked the first addition to the original cast, totalling their number to 12 beside Sensei. Unlocking them requires a certain progress in the Main Story.

As the total pledge reached $5000 on the 18th October 2020, Selebus announced an addition of 8 characters joining the main cast. They were added across four different releases:

Just like Molly and Tsuneyo, it is required to progress the Main Story to unlock them.


  • Over the course of the first Chapter, there have been key-events showing the new characters off in the background. They are hard to spot initially.
  • Shrek, the main character from DreamWorks Animation's Shrek franchise, was jokingly announced as the twenty-first Main Cast member by Selebus.

List of Main Cast Characters