Heart of Gold

"Heart of Gold" is an Event for Tsubasa Tsukioka.

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Having caught a ride home from the Tsukiokas, Sensei sits in the back of their limo while thinking to himself how little he belongs with the girls he was with. Tsukasa snaps him out of his brooding by commenting on his complex expression, with Tsubasa wondering if Chika's earlier recount affected him the same way it did her. Sensei remarks that it could just as easily be the fact he's riding alongside the richest family in Kumon-mi, though does appreciate the ride despite not needing one. Tsubasa insists it's no trouble at all, saying it allows her to speak with Sensei about Touka's gift to him. He tries to explain that he didn't want the apartment and tried to turn it down, but Touka was insistent on letting him keep it – Tsubasa retorts that Touka rarely accepts “No”, questioning if he accepts all her assertions or just the ones that benefit him personally.

Intimidated, Sensei "invites" Tsubasa over, the two first making sure to drop off Tsukasa at home. Now, at his apartment, Tsubasa drops the act and confirms his suspicions that she's here about something else. Taking a seat on their bed, Tsubasa questions him on who knows about this new apartment, and what he plans to do with it. He confirms only a handful of people, not including Ami, know about it and that he's at a loss for what to use it for. Tsubasa suggests he let Chika and Chinami move into it, with Sensei feeling she wouldn't agree to that if she already turned down the opportunity to live with the Tsukiokas. Tsubasa counters that Sensei asking her would be a lot different since, unlike her, Chika would view it as a step forward in their dynamic. Sensei continues to fight the idea, saying it'd be the wrong step as Chika doesn't belong with him – Tsubasa disagrees, reminding him of all the benefits and added safety being somewhere else would provide. She can't force Chika to change but has no qualms about using Sensei as a way to subtly manipulate her into improving her life.

Tsubasa understands that Chika's desire to stay in her current home is due, in part, to her pride and that she likely won't cave unless something happens to Chinami – Wanting to avoid that, she urges him to try. Devising an idea, Tsubasa gets ready to take her leave, giving Sensei a few questions to mull over:

  • "What matters more – the livelihoods of those you care about, or a life of unparalleled convenience?"
  • "How much work are you willing to put into helping someone who doesn't want to change?"
  • "Can you still love someone who's always right beside you?"

Sensei returns home too, knowing he already has an answer to the last question.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue depending on if Sensei saw Mating Season

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