Characters/Tsukasa Tsukioka

Personal Information
Name Tsukasa
Birthday (Age) January 10th (n/a)
Type of Character Side
Additional Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Red
Height 4′ 5′′ (136cm)
Job(s) unknown
  • Bossing around her servants
  • Flaunting her wealth
  • Ordering people around
  • Spending time with family
  • "Commoner" things
  • Being ignored
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance
Notes unknown

Tsukasa is part of the Side Cast of in Lessons In Love. She's the youngest daughter of the Tsukioka family, making her Touka's little sister and Tsubasa's youngest daughter.


Tsukasa is the youngest daughter of Tsubasa Tsukioka and an unnamed father. Belong to the Tsukioka family, Tsukasa has lived a life of luxury for her entire life and is expected to live one for as long as she lives. This high-class life has also resulted in her being extremely sheltered from the "commoner" world, lacking knowledge most people her age would have. Due to the massive size of the Tsukioka family's various businesses, Tsukasa often goes extended periods without seeing either her parents or sister, making her fun by bossing around various staff members.


Tsukasa's sheltered and privileged upbringing, combined with her young age, has resulted in her being extremely vain, ignorant, and generally demeaning towards anyone she views as having "lower status". Life in the Tsukioka family has left her devoid of any knowledge about how most people live, a void that her childish imagination often fills, such as imaging a subway ride to be extremely fun. This innate curiosity often makes her act out, pursuing new experiences to varying results. Often, though, these bursts of acting out are attempts to get the attention of either one of her parents. Having to go days without seeing either due to their intense workloads, Tsukasa is often desperate for the affection of both her parents.

She seems to genuinely believe that, due to her family's status, she is superior to most people in Kumon-mi. As such, she often flexes her family's name on those she meets, insults those she considers beneath her, and bosses around members of her family's staff as a form of amusement.



Sensei and Tsukasa have only interacted a few times, and usually while in larger groups. Tsukasa finds him very annoying, due to his dry, sarcastic speech, and unwillingness to cooperate with her wild schemes. She does take an interest in him though, mostly due to Touka's continued praising of him. She often tries to hire him as her next butler, but always fails.


Tsubasa is Tsukasa's mother and, due to Tsukasa being too young to roam around Kumon-mi alone, the two are often together. Despite her mother's constant need to reprimand her, Tsukasa loves her deeply, wishing she'd spend more time away from work to be with her.


Touka and Tsukasa don't interact often, despite being sisters. Whenever they are seen together, Tsukasa is usually giving Touka just as much of a headache as she does Tsubasa. Tsukasa often makes dismissive comments toward her sister or tries to convince their mother to give her some of Touka's possessions.


Tsukasa first meets Chika during her trip with Sensei to the onsen, though initially, they have no real opinion of each other. Tsukasa seems impressed, though, by Chika's ability to be self-reliant despite having no parents and the two often speak due to Tsukasa's friendship with Chinami.


Chinami is Tsukasa's first real friend, having met each other the class' second Christmas party. Chinami's friendly and easy-going personality initially confuses Tsukasa, who had been trying to intimidate her, but she quickly accepts it and the two become friends. From then are, the two are shown to often hang out together, usually texting and calling under the pretense of "business negotiations".

Memorable Quotes

  • "Superheroes don't exist. You should be old enough to understand that."
  • "Bow before me, peasant! I am Tsukasa Tsukioka, of the esteemed Tsukioka Family!"
  • "Good morning, commoner teacher man! We are ready to walk among you and your people! We come in peace!"