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Sara Sakakibara
Personal Information
Surname Name Sakakibara Sara
Birthday (Age) July 6th (33)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Side Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color Dark Gray
Eye Color Green
Height 5′ 4′′ (162cm)
Job(s) Owner of Sakaki-Bar-a
  • Reading Romance novels
  • Drinking
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
  • Sana (Daughter)
  • Unnamed Son †
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance
Notes unknown

Sara Sakakibara ("Sara") is part of the Side Cast of Lessons In Love. She is the owner of Sakaki-Bar-a and is both Sana’s mother and boss.


Sara was born as the daughter of unnamed parents. By her own words, she didn’t have a childhood as she was either ignored or mistreated by everyone around her. In a desperate desire for stability in her life, she started dating her teacher at some point, hoping that a mature and experienced man could give her a chance to figure out what she needs to do. Yet, he ended up abandoning her after she bore his child and, to add insult to injury, she later learned that he was seeing other students when he was still with her.

Despite everything that happened, she decided to raise her son and also gave birth to her daughter Sana a short while later. While her life wasn’t easy, she still managed to raise both of them, until her son was murdered. His loss still affects her heavily to this day, though she doesn’t try to think about it to prevent her mind from falling apart.

At some point, she took over her family’s bar, Sakaki-Bar-a, and managed to keep it running for a few years without much problems. That changed when the Space War broke out and most men were drafted, because this caused the number of customers and her profits to decrease dramatically, leaving her and the bar in a bad financial state. She still tries her best to keep business going with the limited amount of resources she has available, though before the current Sensei became a regular, it was looking grim for her.


Sara’s personality is the complete inverse of her daughter’s. She’s outspoken, sociable, confident and openly flirtatious. She’s friendly with pretty much everyone she interacts with, though she is particularly friendly with Sensei, trying to flirt with him on every opportunity in an attempt to make him fall for her.

While she rarely shows it, Sara is heavily affected by her past and her failing business. If Sensei decides to get intimate with her, the desperation and level of stress she has to endure is shown during She's Always a Woman. She also gives Sensei a summary of her past, which shows her insecurities and self-doubts about being a good mother, how she sees her life as cursed and how she fears that even Sana would one day abandon her. Another emotional scar is the death of her son, which comes up rarely, because she doesn’t want or struggles to talk about him. When she does manage to bring something up about him, it causes an emotional breakdown.



Sara tries to have a deeper relationship with Sensei form the moment she met him, which is why she flirts with him a lot and tries her best to convince him to be with her. The player can decide if Sensei does enter a relationship with her, but so far it has no significant impact on their interactions. When Sensei decides to date her, their relationship gets more intimate and Sara tries her best to tie the knot on multiple occasions, and when he decides against it, they keep a friendly relationship as Sara accepts his decision, though she still flirts with him.

Due to her past, she assumes that Sensei is like her former teacher and has a deeper relationship with his students, but she has no evidence of it so far. She doesn’t seem to mind if he does, though, as long as he doesn’t make them live through the same experience she had to go through. She’s also aware of Sana’s feeling towards him and begs him to treat her kindly regardless of what might happen.


Sana is Sara’s daughter. Sara loves her above everything else and always tries to encourage her in her actions and to protect her. She tries to give her the best life she can afford her, but is frustrated that she can’t give her the life she deserves. Sara is also aware of Sana’s feelings towards Sensei, but doesn’t do anything to prevent or encourage it, seemingly letting their relationship take its course and accepts whatever will happen, as long as Sana doesn’t end up like herself.

Sara's Son

Sara’s deceased son. While nothing about their relationship is known, it can be assumed that they had a positive relationship as she still thinks fondly of him in the few words she manages to speak about him and she is heavily affected by his loss to the point where bringing him up can cause her to have an emotional breakdown.


Sara and Maki don’t have a lot of interactions with each other, though both still have a friendly relationship and use the services of each others’ businesses.


One of Sara’s few friends, the two knew each other from high school, though weren't in the same year. It was only after the two of them graduated and opened their businesses that they reunited. From then on, the two are close friends, often hanging out with each other and drinking during the holidays. They're also, potentially, comfortable being intimate with or near each other, though this is only seen if Sensei pursued a relationship with Sara and Haruka.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Love me more or I hit you."
  • “People leave me, Sensei. It’s what they do. Sometimes it’s purposefully, sometimes it’s not. But it happens.”