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Autoplays after "Everything Everywhere All At Once". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Wither".

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Rin and Molly take a seat on a bench protected by the sun as the narrator gives a monologue about how certain things are inescapable, using trying to hide from the sun as a metaphor.

Rin takes the initiative and explains that she can understand Molly’s actions and pain as someone who made similar experiences and is known for her impulsiveness, but, as a result, she also knows that growing past those feelings is incredibly difficult. She can tell that Molly has still strong feelings for her, which she admits and goes into a long rant on how she always liked Rin due to seeing her as a perfect version of herself, how she was full of self-doubt knowing she can never be like her and how she never intended to force her feelings on her. Rin understands this, but it still happened anyway, and while she can look past her actions, she can’t look past her reason for doing them – Molly ignoring Rin’s feelings because she can’t accept them.

Molly admits that this is the case, but she felt like Rin ignored hers as well and was jealous about her being given an opportunity she’ll never receive. Rin wants to know if Molly can be happy for her, which she confirms, but mostly because Rin wasn’t hurt. Rin tells her that after being rejected an important person told her how there are other things that will hurt just as much, and she feels like she needs this advice right now since, just like her, she will be hurting right now but will one day find someone who can make her look past that pain, even if it won’t be her. She still thanks her for seeing her that way.

Molly asks if this means they can return to being friends like before again, but Rin doubts they will ever go back to their old normal, especially since she needs more time apart from her to recover. Molly accepts this and hopes to talk more with her during their next club meeting, but Rin uses the opportunity to resign her position as a manga club member to join the light music club. While Molly begs her to reconsider, hearing her reasoning forces her to accept it, although with a heavy heart. Rin promises that they will continue their D&D campaign soon and, after reaffirming their homie status and teasing Molly, both girls head back inside.

As the scene fades out, the narrator acknowledges how both actually managed to hide from the sun.

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  • Event Default Name = Normal-ish
  • Event Script Name(s) = chapthree7
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .25p1.