I Really Want to Stay at Your House

"I Really Want to Stay at Your House" is a Invite Event for Noriko Nakayama.

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To get this event

Invite over Noriko after all Requirements have been fulfilled.

To miss this event

Choose "Yes" during No One Can See Us and fail to correctly answer the prompts at the beginning of the event. Replaced by CONSUMED BY THE OLD ONE


There are no choices in this event.




This Event takes place in the following locations:


Feeling the time is right, Sensei calls Noriko, inviting her over so they can follow up on their talk. Over the phone she expresses some nervous excitement but remains sure of her decision, beginning the walk over. Noriko arrives in the middle of one of Sensei's "blackouts", snapping him out by calling him by name. She briefly expresses concern for him, but he assures her that he's fine. After once again confirming her decision, the two head into Sensei's room to be alone.

While sitting together on his bed, the two are suddenly startled by a loud knocking on Sensei's bedroom door. The voice from the other side quickly confirms that Ami has come home earlier than expected, and is asking to be let in. Noriko suggests she book it out the window, but after being informed it's stuck shut, she rushes into the closet to hide. All the while, Ami continues to incessantly knock at the door. After confirming Noriko is well hidden, Sensei lets Ami in.

Acting uncharacteristically, she warns him that he shouldn't take so long to respond to her knocks, because it makes it seem like he's hiding something from her. When he remains silent, Ami asks if he is hiding something from her. He claims he's not, but she doesn't believe him, having been listening in from the other side of the door. He comes up with another excuse, but when he fails to prove himself, she accuses him of hiding someone in his room. Sensei tries to convince her that's ridiculous, but Ami takes the opportunity to begin snooping around his room.

She looks in a variety of places with faux-ignorance, all the while Sensei tries to get her to leave. When she refuses to back down, and eventually heads towards his closet, he gets more desperate, reassuring her that he wouldn't hide anything from her. She looks him in the eye, reminding him that just because she loves him, that doesn't mean she'll believe everything he says – She has limits and, recently, it seems to her that Sensei's been pushing them today.

From here, the event diverges depending on Sensei's choice during No One Can See Us:

  • If Sensei answered Ami's question during No One Can See Us, she'll catch him slipping up on his lie. Unable to explain himself, Ami forces proof out of him and the event continues to Somewhere.
  • If Sensei didn't answer Ami's question during No One Can See Us, Ami demands that Sensei promises he's telling the truth and that he'll never hide anything from her ever again. He reluctantly promises, calming Ami down. She warns him, though, that if he decides to break that promise, she'll have to “make sure no one can ever hurt him”. Ami then steps out of his room to go make dinner. Sensei runs to his closet, checking on Noriko, who he tells to leave as soon as she can. Calling Ami into her room as a distraction, Noriko sneaks out of the house without being detected, and Sensei is forced to sleep in Ami's bed that night.

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  • Despite marking the event as missed, failing to correctly answer the prompts at the beginning of the event do not prevent you from retrying it. Sensei can simply invite Noriko over again the following day.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = I Really Want to Stay at Your House
  • Event Script Name(s) = norikoinvite3
  • Event Missed Name = CONSUMED BY THE OLD ONE


The following background renders are used in this Event:

  • norikotime

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  • moyo.mp3
  • acoustic.mp3
  • amiawake.mp3

Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update .30.0.