Homes for the Homeless

"Homes for the Homeless" is an Event for Noriko Nakayama.

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Sensei visits Noriko at the dorms, hoping this time will be free of unnecessary drama. She’s wearing a qipao/cheongsam that her parents sent her to evaluate as a uniform. He likes this look over her usual attire, which offends her as it’s her statement against societal expectations, but Sensei points out that she hasn’t done anything else. She agrees with him but explains that, as a teenager, she lacks the power to do much except forming a band. Sensei states that she should try to dress more normal on occasion, but she rejects that by saying that being pretty is Niki’s thing and that she tries another way to get his attention.

He says that reinventing herself would make her completely new to him, but she points out that the things he liked about her are still there, that new things were added to the existing ones and that certain things improved over time. He reminds her that she sent him proof of that, which frustrates her since she still has nothing from him, but he has no intention of sending her what she wants. He is open to more offerings from her, though, and she offers to serve him, even though she only dry humped him. Because of this, she states that she pleasured herself on his desk a few times as being around things he touched turns her on. Sensei wonders why she didn’t do it with Kirin yet, hurting her feelings. She changes the subject to her parents and offers him a seat.

Sensei thinks about fingering her but stops thinking after another flashback. Noriko notices that since it happened before, including after her apology. She’s glad that it happens around her and starts talking about the past, but when she mentions Maya Sensei begs her to stop, because he’s worried that learning too much could harm him. He instead wants to know more about Noriko both out of curiosity and to stop his mind from wandering. Noriko plans to do charity work after graduation but is aware that she wouldn’t earn enough to do it for a living and that her thoughts about the future don’t mean much now. Sensei gives her a speech about the futility of changing the world and that she will just end as another part of society, which, according to her, is similar to a speech she got from him in the past.

She says that she liked his cynical world views, that they helped forming her and Maya’s personalities and that her desire to set herself apart from her sister was a result from that development. She also reaffirms her desire to change something in the world since he apparently gave up on making a positive impact by himself and that he could still be proud of himself for making one trough her. With the heavy topics out of the way, Noriko asks him if he has plans for Christmas and if they can exchange presents then. He states that the class will most likely have another party with another gift exchange, but she explains that she wants to give him something she found recently and wants him to have. Sensei agrees, sending her into another hormone induced trance, which is broken when he mentions the desk.

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