Two Months of Nothing

"Two Months of Nothing" is an Event for Yumi Yamaguchi. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "Approximation". This event belongs to an event chain started from "To Catch Me If I Fall".

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This event is not missable.


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Calling Yumi, Sensei finds out she’s currently over at the Chosokabe Flat looking after Chinami who’s come down with a cold. He hurries on over to check up on both of them.

Upon arriving, he confirms that Chinami's fine and tries to continue the conversation he had with Yumi the night before. She tried to talk with someone about the last two months, but no one else seemed to be aware of the time jump, which causes her to briefly accuse him of passing on his “memory disease” to her. He explains that it’s not a disease and, while it’s not fatal, he’d really appreciate it if they could continue their discussion from the beach. At first, she has no intention to discuss this with him, but gives in and agrees to hear him out as long as it doesn’t get weird.

After they walked into the kitchen, Sensei takes a seat and asks her about her opinion on sleepovers, which is met with a snarky comment. He doesn’t mind being quiet and let her figure it out by herself, but she admits that she tried this already and it ended with her getting more and more confused as she failed to remember anything that supposedly happened. Sensei thinks that she could end up having blackouts like him, but can’t make any clear statement on this due to his lack of knowledge about their situation. He tells her that her awareness makes her and outlier and that they need to figure out why that is the case.

He also tries to tell her that the last two months might’ve never happened and that the world just fabricated memories to correct this anomaly, but Yumi thinks that he might’ve lost his mind and if they’re the only one who have different memories of past events, they might be the ones in the wrong. Sensei tells her that it’s not about them being right or wrong but them being different, but Yumi doesn’t see this as a problem since being different is her whole thing and while this is not the same, she sees no point in figuring it out when everyone else treats them like lunatics.

She also doesn’t mind that she lost two months since it ended her suspension and, as long as she doesn’t black out like him, she’s fine with it. Sensei points out that she can’t be sure that they weren’t blacked out during that time and did things they didn’t want to do. While he lacks the qualifications to understand their situation, he still offers to help her understand is as best as he can, which requires a sleepover at his place. While Yumi starts another rant about him, Chika arrives after she managed to get someone to cover her shift.

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  • Event Default Name = Two Months of Nothing
  • Event Script Name(s) = yumislumber1
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .29.0.