King Midas

"King Midas" is an Event for Otoha Okakura.

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To get this event

Go to the Second Floor of the Dorms after all Requirements have been fulfilled.

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.


This event has no effects.


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As he steps into the dorms, Sensei finds Rin standing in front of Dorm Room 8 with a nervous expression – The sound of shattering glass can be heard, confirming to him and Rin that Nodoka is going through another manic breakdown. This theory is quickly debunked when Nodoka steps outside, perfectly fine. Since her appearance didn’t stop the noise, Sensei and Rin come to the realization that Otoha is doing this. Rin asks Nodoka what’s wrong with her, but she tells her that Otoha just experiences the usual “plight of the artist” and that it would be better to leave her alone. Rin and Sensei disagree and want to make sure she’s fine. Before she leaves, Nodoka advises them not to touch Otoha under any circumstances, warning that it won't end well.

Feeling that Otoha must have a reason for keeping this side a secret, Rin isn’t sure if they should enter, but Sensei manages to convince her to at least make sure she’s okay. Stepping inside, they realize how manic Otoha has become, mumbling lyrics to herself, flip-flopping between self-importance and self-hatred, and yelling at the two of them when they try to speak. Sensing the futility of trying to get through to her, Sensei suggests he and Rin leave Otoha with her work. Ignoring his advice, Rin steps closer, offering to grab Otoha some dinner – But as she tries to hold her hand, Otoha jerks her hand away, slapping Rin in the process.

Instantly, Otoha snaps out of her breakdown and frantically begins to apologize, promising to do anything she can to make up for it. Rin ignores all these apologies, because she acknowledges that it was her fault, and looks Otoha over, making sure she's okay, aside from an obvious need to shower, eat and sleep. This only worsens Otoha's guilt, wondering why Rin would be so understanding about something like this – Rin explains that she herself has made plenty of mistakes, and won't get mad if Otoha makes a few herself.

Realizing Sensei's also present, Otoha asks for his take on the situation. He affirms that she's got a lot to work on if she truly wants to make up for hitting Rin, and dryly notes that she might dethrone both Dorm Room 7 for messiest room and Nodoka for worst breakdown. After Rin asks him to let it go, Otoha apologizes again for her behavior, explaining that she occasionally has moments like this where she becomes overwhelmed by emotions and struggles to accurately and coherently write them down, driving her insane. Rin asks if she struggles to write a song about her, but Otoha dodges the question, claiming that she can’t talk about it until it’s finished.

With the situation under control, Sensei decides to leave them alone, but Rin wants him to accompany them to the cafe so that the night doesn’t end on a bad note for all of them. While Rin applies makeup on Otoha to make her more presentable, Sensei cleans the room while wondering if the shards he picks up might be an omen for Rin’s relationship, hoping that he won’t be around to witness the answer.

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Event References

  • Event Default Name = King Midas
  • Event Script Name(s) = otohaspecial15p1
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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  • otohasnewhair

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  • sweetvermouth.mp3
  • allofthesounds.mp3
  • pianomelancholy3.mp3

Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update .29.0.