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"Anything & Everything" is an Event for Maya Makinami.



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Tapping Maya's number in his contacts, Sensei takes the moment to appreciate being able to even think something like that when so many other iterations of him have failed to get nearly that far. Once Maya picks up, the two of them struggle to find the words to speak, but once he's able to get the first words out, the rest flows easily. Sensei invites Maya over to his apartment, wanting to finally talk about what's going on between them. Maya starts to protest, but he talks over her, telling her bluntly he's tired of running away and hiding from these feelings just because they make him uncomfortable. Even once Maya tells him that she’s bad at conveying her feelings and reminds him that talking about them never ended well, Sensei remains firm in this decision. Maya agrees to come over, hoping he'll finally drop the topic after a bit of talking. After calling him "Sensei", he cuts her off, telling her to use his real name. Maya falls silent before hanging up on him.

An hour later, Maya arrives, carrying with her dinner for the two of them. Before they talk about anything else, Maya asks when he remembered it. He tells her he didn't remember anything; Niki was the one who told him. As Maya expresses her annoyance with the Nakayama sisters in general, Sensei asks her once again to use his actual name. She's reluctant, mostly due to embarrassment, but also some remaining fear that doing it might cause him to be reset.

The two sit in the dining room with Sensei silently watching Maya as she struggles to start eating her food, knowing that the reason is more complicated than not wanting to be watched. Maya tries to resist Sensei’s attempts to start the conversation, but breaks under his pressure, bluntly asking why Sensei would say he loves her – It's been so long since she last heard him say those words that having their weight suddenly thrust back onto her has left her stumbling. Sensei confesses that it's because he wants to be closer and more genuine with her and while she may be getting cold feet when faced with a potential abrupt reset, he doesn't fear that at all. She, on the other hand, does fear it since she doesn’t have the liberties he seems to have now and the realization that she might’ve lost him if they weren’t interrupted overrules her innermost desires. She lets her true feelings slip as she goes on, but quickly stops once she notices it.

Maya wonders why he turned so proactive recently, and he tells her that he started to grow and she needs to grow and change too. She finds the idea ridiculous, especially since her changing could endanger everything Sensei's experienced since waking up. She tells him to forget about her and focus on the other girls, as they don't come with the risk of destroying his mind. He asks how she can say that when her true feelings are pretty obvious. She admits that saying it sucks and that having to sit on the sidelines while the rest of the class grow closer to him is torture, but since her trying to get closer to him already erased several Senseis before and losing the real one would cause an unimaginable amount of pain, her suffering will be worth it if it keeps him around; Maybe one day they will be able to go back to normal, but until then, they'll need to keep the same distance as always. Despite the passionate spiel, Sensei remains firm in his decision to close the gap between them, telling Maya he doesn't care what happens to him. As he says this, Maya abruptly steps away and heads towards the balcony, calling him over.

He follows her, and the two overlook the Kumon-mi skyline. Maya tells him that it almost ended badly in there, something he would know if there was any room for her in his mind. She passes on the idea that, since he already remembers his name, and some of his past with the Nakayamas, there might be a possibility that their past will come back to him eventually. And, once they've confirmed that knowing about it won't break him, she's more than willing to be affectionate with him again. She asks again if he's scared about losing everything he's spent time on these past couple of years. He simply responds that he's most terrified of losing her, which he realized when faced with the possibility, but even if she ends up being the one to disappear instead, he'll simply wait for her the same she always has for him. She allows him to try kissing her if he manages to find an opening, but makes it clear that she won’t make it easy for him.

The night ends when the two of them head back inside, with Maya polishing off both their dinners and taking her leave. Sensei falls asleep with a smile on his face.

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This Event was added in Update .30.0.