Somewhere I Belong

"Somewhere I Belong" is an Event for Imani Imai.

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Sensei decides that it’s time for him and Imani to spend time alone together and gives her call to see if she’s ready to invite him over. After the usual round of teasing, she sends him her address and, to his dismay, it’s not the same as Kaori’s and Wakana’s, but one somewhere near the Dive Bar. Once he arrives, he enters her apartment and realizes that it’s one of those apartment houses where the rooms are intended to be affordable and, as a result, incredibly small.

He finds Imani sitting on the ground grading the assignments she gave their students. She offers to christen the place with him, but she’s still self-conscious after her humiliation, and offers him a seat instead. Sensei wonders where her cat and parrot are, but she informs him that she made them up to mess with them. After a few jabs at her apartment, Sensei finally sits down.

He asks her if she needs help grading her assignments, mostly because he doesn’t want to do them after he did it for Wakana, but she already finished them and knows a lot of weird things about their students now, including some specifics about Yasu’s religion. He hopes that she won’t show them to anyone and doesn’t mind her knowing since she doesn’t judge him, but she actually judges everyone, though she came to the conclusion that he’s not out to harm anyone, except for her because he seems to enjoy it.

Since she’s already done, he wonders what the other notebooks on her desk are for. There for independent studies so she can become a full-on teacher and, one day, a university professor to teach foreign students. Sensei asks her if she would quit being his student teacher if that opportunity arises, which she would in a heartbeat, but would still stay in contact with him since she sees him as her best friend. He’s surprised to hear that Wakana isn’t her best friend and she explains that while she likes her, she likes him a lot more.

Sensei wants to know why she wanted to become a teacher and she flat-out states it was for the money, not knowing at the time how little teachers really earn. He thinks that most people would become one to help children, but Imani doesn’t like them and only tolerates teenagers, which stems from her being the youngest out of seven siblings, giving her little experience in handling people younger than her.

Surprised to hear that, he asks why none of them are here and she explains that she’s the only one who can come to Japan because, being the daughter of a different father, she’s the only half-Japanese child. She also tells him how she was included into the family despite that, how she still felt out of place and how she decided to become a teacher to earn her place and later did it because she enjoyed it. She notices that she told him too much already and gives him a short summary.

He knows that there’s more she can tell him, but she doesn’t feel ready to tell him yet and wants him to wait until it comes up naturally. He makes her aware that she’s blushing, which she only recognizes when she touches her cheeks and wants him to wait for her to calm down. After an awful pun, he decides to leave, but she manages to make him stay. As the evening goes on with the usual banter, Sensei acknowledges that he learned a lot about her today and wonders if he’s able to fill in the blanks before she leaves him.

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