Heaven for Human Blood

"Heaven for Human Blood" is an Event for Ami Arakawa.

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Knocking on Ami's door, Sensei briefly "zones out" before walking in to find Ami already dressed down for the evening. While he tries to question this, Ami brushes it off as unimportant and ropes him into spending some time together. Taking a seat on Ami's bed, she suddenly demands Sensei buy the two of them a bigger house, justifying it by saying it's so they have more room for themselves. He immediately rebuts by saying they haven't even outgrown their current house and trying to dismiss the idea entirely. Ami's surprised by this, feeling that their house is full of bad memories that Sensei would want to get away from and that too many of his students know its location.

As Ami mentions this, Maya suddenly returns home, knocking to ask Ami to open the door as she's forgotten her key. Initially, Ami tries to ignore her, but as the knocking continues, the two are forced to get up from the bed and head to the door. Rather than concede and let her in, the two began to tease Maya through the door much to her chagrin. After a laugh, Sensei offers to let Maya in, but Ami demands he continues to spend alone time with her. Hearing all this, Maya is surprised to hear that Sensei's around and asks Ami what they're discussing. Ami turns Maya away, telling her that whatever they talk about is between them, especially because Maya doesn't even like Sensei. Maya agrees but continues pressing the question, to which Ami starts probing Maya about the true nature of her and Sensei's relationship. Maya continues to angrily knock on the door as Ami and Sensei return to the bed.

Facing each other, Ami begins to probe Sensei but first makes sure he's mentally okay. Sensei's confused by the question, and even more confused about the situation he's in, but Ami reassures him that he's okay as long as she's around. She reminds him that, due to the bond they share, they tend to "black out" at various times, which can cause the both of them to act strangely or make impulsive decisions. She further reassures him that this is fine, though, and that she'll accept him regardless of what he does. Sensei himself reassures Ami that anything drastic is unlikely to happen, to which she agrees, knowing he cares too much about everyone to ever hurt them intentionally. Ami continues, admitting that his silent love is one of the reasons she admires him so much, citing his decision to adopt her despite how much he was hurting at the time as a key example. From her perspective, the two of them had become broken beyond recognition, and by becoming a new family together, they were able to hold each other up by "becoming what each other needed." She bemoans, though, that as time went on, Sensei become more and more self-reliant, and that it was almost as if she wasn't needed at all.

She also notes he began to come home later and later, questioning if it was because of his tutoring job. Sensei says he doesn't know, obviously not remembering anything before his current incarnation. Ami also asks why Sensei didn't use their home for tutoring, which Sensei also says he doesn't know but believes it's due to how inappropriate it would be. Ami continues to press him, asking him if it's really something as simple as that, or if he was just trying to create a tangible distance between his "work-life" and "private life". Sensei's confused why she's so insistent on this, to which Ami responds that she's simply worried about him. Sensei had suddenly quit tutoring without any discernable reason one day, and she wonders if something bad might've happened to him while he was out and about. Sensei theorizes that tutoring wasn't stable enough to support the two of them, but Ami, skeptical about Noriko's reappearance, counters by saying it might've been more complicated, such as something between him and Noriko. Sensei finds that hard to believe, to which Ami then suggests that maybe something happened between him and Maya.

As Sensei starts to deny this possibility too, Ami interrupts him, reminding him that he never tutored Maya. She reminds him that the two of them only met when Ami was in middle school and began to bring Maya over to play. Therefore, there's no way he could've tutored Maya unless he'd been hiding her from Ami for some reason. As Sensei is at a loss for words, Ami wonders if, maybe, Maya's playing a trick on him - That maybe Maya's using his bad memory to implant false memories into him so that she can take advantage of his emotions. She reminds him though that regardless of whatever "fake" memories he might have, the past between him and her is real, and that he should treasure those above anything else. She insists that all of what Maya and Noriko have told him must be fake because otherwise, he would've been hiding a lot more from her than she'd like. Ami backs downs as Sensei dwells on her words, assuring him she'll stop annoying him until she stumbles across something else that makes her skeptical.

With the conversation over, the door to the dorm is opened, with Maya having recruited Makoto for a key. Makoto, annoyed at having to settle a disagreement between the roommates, complains that the two of them should work through their problems without dragging other people into them. Maya speaks up, trying to reassure Ami that there's nothing between her and Sensei, but Ami pretends they never spoke at all. Sensing the tension, Makoto suggests that she and Sensei take their leave.

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  • This event's default name, and missed name are both references to the poem "Auguries of Innocence" by William Blake.
    • Specifically, the lines "A Horse misused upon the Road, Calls to Heaven for Human blood".

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  • Event Default Name = Heaven for Human Blood
  • Event Script Name(s) = amidorm40
  • Event Missed Name = A Horse Misused
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    This Event was added in Update .16p1.